A sweet phone call

“Yes, I would love to.” She said YES. What in the world just happened.

“Hello, are you still there?” “Yeah, yeah… I didn’t really expect it.” I hope my heartbeat didn’t reach her cause it’s pounding really hard right now.

“What do you mean?” “Well, I was kinda hoping you turned me down.”

“You lose a bet?! I hate you, I was hoping you’re honestly asking me out. See ya.” Bro, let’s not drop this chance. Who would know when the next one will come. “Whoaaa… Wait a sec. I’m not losing a bet. I really asked you to prom with me but I kinda sure there’s another boy who asked you out already.”

“They did.” Wait WHAT???

“Hello?” “So, you’re saying yes to me?” I hope my voices don’t sound shaking.

“Yes, I’m waiting for your invitation.” If only I could scream and ran around.

“Yes, I want to know more about you and thank you for the secret letter all this time.”

“… How-how do you know?”

“I’m not an insensitive person like you. Your fonts is unique and you’re the only one who use word ‘presently’ in a right way.” Am I make it too obvious or is it too big? Geez… How come did she know about my writing.

“Hey, if a person talk to you, you respond them, especially when we’re talking through phones, okay?”

“Well, thanks for noticing.” “See, it’s not that hard and you’re welcome.” I need to check the planets arrangement today. I bet they’re aligned right now.


Would you still help me?

A young guy helped a child to cross a road. A waiter return left wallet to a customer. A group of teenager helped a family lifting their car that got stuck in the ditch. A stranger shared his umbrella. A student gave her pen to the new student. A boy holding a door for his grandparents to pass. A simple gesture, a simple attention, those little things did make a difference.

A little good thing, a small ripple but who knows how much it means for the other side. Maybe a child that being helped to cross the road accidentally got left by his family. Maybe the customer put the only cash there. Maybe the family needs to visit their relatives. Or maybe a child that being helped to cross the road just spend his idle time. Maybe the customer didn’t really bother about the wallet. Maybe the family intentionally stuck their car so they can claim the insurance. Knowing that chances, would you still help other people?

Well, I would still help another people. Why? Ask yourself why not. Caring is not the same as sharing a cake. The more you share, the lesser you get. It does not work that way. Caring is like sharing a candle flame, you do not lose what you have in the first place.  But what about the money that I’m going to spend for myself? Well, if you do really need it like another person does then spend it on yourself first. It’s not wise to spend all your belongings on the other. Love others as you love yourself. Being a yes-man doesn’t mean you’re a good person, being a yes-man means you do not give time for yourself. What if other is using or tricking me? It’s their mistake actually, not yours. Just be a lil bit wiser and notes that helping is not the same as spoiling. Don’t be a yes-man nor a yes-woman. If you do not want a beggar to buy a beer with your money then give him a coke instead of cash. Caring doesn’t mean you need to fulfil their wish, some people do not even know what they need.

Being a good person does not guarantee that you will have a smoother life too but being a good person have their own advantage, you wouldn’t know how many help that will come around the corner when you need it. Are you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comment section.

Dream job, my ass

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Have you ever encountered this kind of quotes?

“Your dream job does not exist, you must create it.”

Or this one?

I bet all of you at least heard or seen this kind of quotes for once. “You don’t have to work if you get your dream job.” To be honest, I think a dream job is a false hope. A dream job, a job that you would love to do it every day. Sounds like lived happily ever after tales. There would be a moment when you got stuck. There would be a day that everything’s not working out. There would be a point when everything is turned upside down. Even when your job is actually okay, you would make a reason why it’s not okay.

In my opinion, a dream job is not about a job but rather a friendly atmosphere, a welcoming vibe, and a safe working space when you’re doing your duty. There will be 1001 reasons why I hate my job but I think most of the problem would come from lack of appreciation. You hate it when you meet your deadline but no one says thank you like you’re expected to do so every time. You hate it when you solved a problem but everybody talk they have a better solution in the first place. You hate it when you’re actually doing a great performance but someone else claims the credit. Imagine if you’re asking for a raise and your manager actually listens to you first before decided to not giving a raise rather than dismissed you directly.

Not that I’m discouraging you to stop working on your dream but be grateful for kind of jobs that you have right now. Maybe it’s not enough. Not enough to fulfil your want but if you able to read this post, I assume that you could fulfil your needs when there’s a lot of people still overwork but be underpaid. We have to realize that some people have privileges to chase their dreams or at least working on it, but others don’t really have any chances to do it. Everybody has their own background story, their terms, their own mindset and their own condition. Many people would want to sit in that boring chair and cubicle that you’re whining about. Be grateful that you could work under a shade, be thankful that you could slack off without any concern about living or dead, enjoy the tight schedule or deadline.

So, is a dream job is exist? Well, it would be yes and no but why don’t you enjoy your work and pursue your calling if it’s possible rather than comparing yourself to an artist, a YouTuber, or a football player. Each of them is struggling. Each of them is having their own problem. Life is not about working only after all.

Responsible Man

There he is, never too early nor too late, 6 o’clock in the morning in front of my house doing his job. His duty. His responsibility. Collecting garbage. I have never once seen him lazy doing his job. Never once I see him depressed. Never once I see him complaining about his job. A smile always accompanies him wherever he walks. I’m not joking. There were a couple times I saw him collecting plastic bottle at night and he’s still smiling. I wonder how he musters that army of positivity.

I asked him one day how he does it everyday everywhere. “No sir, I’m not always happy. But when I’m outside, I’m trying my best to spread the kindness.” He stopped for a moment. “Maybe I do not have money or food to share but I do have time to smile, to make at least my day a little bit better… I hope yours too.” He added and smiled as always.

“Lot of people, parents actually pointed their finger at me. I feel humiliated at first but when you get used to it, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m proud being a garbage collector. I’m not a psychopath. I’m not a robber. I’m not selling illegals. I get my money with honour. Maybe it’s not enough… for you. It’s actually enough for me.” His eyes beam with pride. “I do have a dream, sir. I have a dream where a garbage collector being praised or at least be respected.” That was our last conversation before I read his name in a newspaper.

I Want to Go To College: Part 1

“What do you think about my new song?” I signed when I picked her up.

“I love your lyrics. I don’t know how it sounds. Sorry.” She replied.

I smiled and signed thanks to her. She smiled back at me. Damn, never seen a genuine smile in a long time.

“How are you?” she asked me through ASL.

“I’m fine even though I haven’t gotten any scholarships” I signed back.

“I’m sure you will get one soon.” She’s comforting me at the time.

“Don’t worry, your mum always gives me a job. Let’s eat. Where do you want to eat?” I started the engine. I looked back at her again waiting for an answer.

“Any soup will do.” She answered.

“Chicken soup for the soul?” I tried to put on a serious face. She laughed. “How about the chicken soup at the top of the Great Hill?” I finally thought of a place.

She nod and that means she agrees to it. I think I’ve seen too much meme that I started asking myself why is it so easy for her to pick a place to eat.

We started to leave the house and went to the restaurant. It was rather a smooth ride with some bend along the way. She’s enjoying the scenery. It only took around 20 minutes to reach the restaurant. The restaurant itself wasn’t that big. The restaurant could only serve 20 people and we’re lucky that we got a table.

“It’s a beautiful place. How do you find this place?” She asked me.

“I’m bad at reading a map. Even google map. I forgot what I’m looking for. Here I am.” I proud of myself. “What do you want to eat?” I pointed to the menu on the wall.

“Chicken soup… for a person, not a soul.” She chuckled.

I waved my hand at the waiter. He nods and coming toward us.

“Do you want to order anything?” He asked while he turned on a tablet.

“2 chicken soup and 2 chocolate milkshake,” I replied. He frowned a bit and finally, he answered, “Very well, sir. 2 chicken soup and 2 chocolate milkshake.” He returned and bring an order to another table.

“I ordered milkshakes for us,” I told her. She agrees with my choice.

“So, how’s your school? Do you have any trouble?”

“Not at all. My new school is very nice to us. To deaf people or hard of hearing. It’s nice to know that you’re not alone.”

“Glad to hear it.” We made an eye contact and locked to each other. She suddenly smiles. I directly view the scenery, I hope my face didn’t get red.

She snaps at me. It didn’t sound like it should but she caught my attention again.

“I’m sorry if I make you blushed. I’m so happy right now.” She’s apologized.

“My face got red, yeah? Is it your first time seeing the skyline?” I pointed to the outside.

“Yes, I have never been to this hill as long as I can remember. Never realized that we have beautiful city lights.” Her smile just got wider again I think.

“2 chicken soup and 2 milkshakes.” The waiter interrupts us. Good timing sir I thought to myself.

Later on, I couldn’t quite remember what we’re discussing. Well, I could recall it if I want to but all I could remember was her bright smile and the wonderful city lights. We even spend 10 minutes in silence to enjoy the scenery.

I drove her back to her house before 10 pm. I don’t want to lose my job yet.

“Thanks for today.” She lowered her right hand toward me.

“You’re welcome. Looking forward to the next date.” I replied before I’ve realized what I’ve signed.

She would love to she signed.

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Full moon

“When will the next full moon happen?” Eugene asked.

“Well, let’s see… The next full moon will happen in 29th April. The April full moon is typically known as the Full Pink Moon.” Sonic explained it calmly.

“You sounds like a nerd.” Eugene tried to tease him but Sonic didn’t budge at all. He even agrees with Eugene’s statement. Eugene didn’t expect it so the moment became awkward.

“It’s crescent.” Sonic said while he looked into the sky.

Eugene raised his head too.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Sonic whispered.

“Yes, Rose is beautiful.” Said Eugene before he smirked.

Sonic pat him on the shoulder.

“Ouch, I didn’t know I could offend a nerd like you.” Eugene sarcastically rubbed his shoulder pretending it was a brutal hit.

Sonic hit him again with a jab to his shoulder this time.

“Hey!” Eugene shouted.

“Don’t be such a wimp.” Sonic returned it.

Sonic and Eugene laughed together and they mocked each other for the rest of the night.

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Hi guys, I hope you like it and I do want to know what kind of plot do you think when you read the story. Will update it soon.

I Want to Go To College : Introduction

“Well, how is it?”

“Wait a minute, mom.”

“Why are you more relaxed than me? Don’t you want to get it?”

“Sure… I do want it but it’s not changing anything if I rushed it.” I opened the email. I hold my breath. I didn’t check my pulse, but I think it’s not there.

My eyes started to scan the email, it’s my twelveth attempt to get a scholarship this year. No, I’m not living in America where students got burdened with students’ loan after they graduate.

We are unable…  Darn, not again. I know that we don’t need any investment to send an application but the nervous is piling up day by day. I’m always asking for feedback and some of them did reply me, so I improve my application letter and others every time I send another hope.

“Sorry mum, false alarm,” I said to her.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. You know that I trust you.” My mom tried to cheer me up.

“I think you adopted a wrong kid.” I sighed.

“How many times do I have to tell you and you are the most wonderful son that I ever had.” She said that while she gives me a soft pat.

“And by the way, Ms Mary said that she will need a sign language interpreter to help her be a liaison officer for a deaf speaker. Signer.” She said that with a poker face. Sometimes, I questioned her honesty but I think she is being honest this time.

“Could you try to say it later in another different moment? It would be much more dramatic.” I chuckled. She never failed to cheer me up.

“So yes or no? I have to cook for lunch, I don’t have that much spare time.” She walks to the kitchen. “I think you should date her daughter, she likes you. What was her name again? Stacy.” She shouted from the kitchen.

“Her name is Stella and you should try to listen to your son once in a while. I’m going out with her this Friday.” I hope she couldn’t see me blushing.

No reply. I think she’s smirking right now.

“You wouldn’t object that I’m going out with a hard of hearing lady, would you?” I speak louder.