I Want A Book

“A book.” he said without hesitation. “You can ask anything. Don’t you want a mansion or a sports car?” I asked him one more time. “Why would I want that? I love writing.” He smiled. I asked him if he could have one wish for anything and his answer is a book.

“But you can write so you have a book, right?” I’m really curious right now.


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Image by jan mesaros from Pixabay


“Yes, but I’ve shared it with my brother so I want a book for myself.” His answer just put out my fire of curiosity. He ran inside and a moment later showed up again with an old book in his hand. Is it a book? I don’t know by myself. It has no cover and all of the writings looked unfamiliar to me if he said that it’s a letter. I’m sure that if one of my geek friends looked at the book, they will try to decipher it as if it’s hieroglyphs.

It came to my sense later when he spelled the alphabet and pointed at each of the scratch. The paper is brown already. Maybe it’s older than him.

“Say, how old is your brother?”

“Should be around 20 this year.”

Wait, what?! “How old are you then?”

“I’ll be seven next week.” His words really hit me at the time. The book itself is actually older than him. I want to say that this book belongs to him now but I don’t think it will help him at all.

I spontaneously dig my bag and try to find any spare book. I found one that is actually would be my journal but hey, this boy would need the book more than me.

I gave him a pencil and a book. His eyes got brighter and his smile even wider than usual. He jumped around like he’s winning a gold medal in the Olympic. He kept thanking me as if I’m his savior. He jumped like he felt a sugar rush.

“Make sure to sent me a letter, okay?” He wrote Z and show it to me.

“Hahaha… Not that one kiddo. You’re funny.” I stopped and I just realized something. “Could you read?” I get down on knees to level our eyes.


I see what happened here.

“What is a letter, isn’t this character a letter?” He pointed the letter Z that he just wrote… or drew.

“Let’s see. A letter is a written conversation. When we talked to each other through paper, it’s called penpal.” I know it’s not an accurate description but I guess it will help him.

“Let’s try to write and read your name. Is it okay?” Okay, his eyes were actually lit and shiny.

“I could draw my name?” He asked excitedly.

“Sure. If I’m not mistaken, Kobe will be K-O-B-E. Could you write it down?”

“Of course.” He diligently wrote down K, O, B and E. He repeated it again several times.

“You should put it side to side from left to right.”

“Got it.” He kept practiced and practiced.

I don’t know how unfortunate or fortunate he is. If he’s really unfortunate, then how come he is always happy. Well, let’s leave that alone.


You did your best

“You did your best,” they said.

“Did I?” I asked myself. Have I really done my best? Could it be better prepared? I didn’t know the answer by myself actually.

Photo by Cupcake Media on Unsplash

“It’s the thought that count.” Well, I have millions of thought a day. Might as well be a millionaire soon. Might as well broke as soon as I count it because it’s not always a positive thought.

I lost in the final match.

“Be grateful for those things.” “Look at how far you come.” Why I couldn’t celebrate all my works whether it’s a success or failure. Sure, I come this far but the lose itself is still a loss.

“At least you’ve tried.” What’s wrong with admitting that I failed? I failed doesn’t guarantee that I’m down. Maybe I regret it. Maybe. It could be mean that I try to learn something from it. If I could celebrate little success, why I couldn’t celebrate those little failures.

I personally think success and failure are part of our life. It’s two sides of a coin that we couldn’t avoid it. I sometimes even fail at failure. That’s a normal thing. Sure, I don’t want to be a failure but recognized the failure first and then acknowledged the other stuff are important.

Anyway, the funny thing is something works because we’re trying and the other thing works because we’re not doing anything.

An angel

“What year is it?” I asked when I opened my eyes. Oops… No one’s here to hear my jokes. I’ve passed out I guess. The last thing I remembered is I wait at the queue line for half an hour. I got up and sit on this comfortable bed. Everything’s okay so far. No spin. No shake. A little headache.

Minutes later, a girl came in. She’s cute. I would leave the details but her expression is warm and the most important thing for me, she’s smiling. “I don’t know an angel needs a door in 2050,” I told her. “How are you feeling?” She ignored me just like that. “It’s 2019 anyway. You’ve passed out 3 hours ago, it’s not that long.” She continued. I think my line is too lame.

“Don’t try to praise me again.” Did she just read my mind? She smiled at me. “It’s my duty to make the patient comfortable as possible. Don’t get the wrong intention.” She explained it like I think that she’s interested in me. “Okay. I’m sorry if I made you mad. I don’t try to do anything.” She measured my heartbeat and body temperature.

“I’m not trying to flirt and mistook your hospitality as a sign.” She stared at my souls. “Right,  I’m really sorry about that. I wouldn’t talk anymore.” I’m really nervous.

“You would be able to leave in another hour. I hope you would take care better of yourself.” She left the room.

A Good Friend

A good friend wouldn’t guarantee my life will be great.
A good friend wouldn’t solve all my problem.
A good friend wouldn’t give all the things that I want.
A good friend wouldn’t always be there when I need them.

A good friend would be with me when they’re with me.
A good friend would help me to get up if I trip myself.
A good friend would tell me wrong when I’m wrong.
A good friend would be fun to have them around.

A good friend is not always a wise person.
A good friend is not a perfect human being.
A good friend could be wrong.
A good friend could be right.

But, at least they’re not toxic.

Well, Am I a good friend? I don’t know about it.

Grateful Mouse

“You should be grateful when I don’t eat you.”
“And why is that?”
“Well, I could eat you if I want to.”
I really want to say to him that he could be dead for now if I don’t pull out a femur inside him but I don’t think he’ll accept my opinion.
“Okay, thank you so much for your service…, your majesty.”

The next day, a scream heard inside the forest and it’s the same lion again. I helped him to pull out a bone again. I think it’s a fish bone.  “You may leave.” He said. I wonder why I’m the one who should be thankful. Isn’t he the one who’s on the brink of death? Well, I should leave first, wonder later. Otherwise, he would change his mind and eat me.

Fortunately, I don’t hear any wail again for several days. A cry this time heard after a week passed. It’s him again. I hesitated this time. Why should I help this lion? He might eat me later. Well, I don’t have any reason to not to also. My grandma taught me to be good to everyone. Just in case, there’s real mouse heaven and mouse hell. I pulled out again another bone. Didn’t he learn from his mistake? Or maybe he purposefully swallows without chewing it first. “You may leave.” I left right away.

A month passed without any complaint from him. My life is so far so good. There was no cheese like in the fairytale but the fruit is good and sometimes there’s this two-legged hairless animal leave a lot of food. Sometimes it’s stink but almost all of them are edible. I don’t know how they hunt but they must be a great hunter, wonder why they’re not the king of the forest.

The evening I found the lion that I used to meet. He’s lying on the ground. I think he’s sleeping. But no breath or pulse at all, sorry I didn’t check his pulse actually. His stomach is not moving up and down. There was also no breeze at all coming from his nose. Wait, is he dead? I poke him. No response. I circled him first just in case. Nothing’s wrong. He’s not hunted or wounded. I poked him again. Still no response. Hmmm… I tried to open his mouth. Well, there’s a rib now stuck in his neck and maybe there was no one willing to help him at the time until he died. How unfortunate. At least I have done my part.

I’m really grateful now to worry for one less lion. The others are really grateful towards me and kind for me. They’re the one who tells me the two-legged hairless animals. They’re the one who ensures my safety. A small mouse. No, not all lion is bad or dumb but several of them have a habit to swallow a big chunk of meat. I don’t have any explanation too.

Retired Superhero

“What? there’s a tax for you?” Winnie’s eyes widened, disbelief about what she has heard.

Clark didn’t answer anything.

“But, you saved the world??” She continued.

“20 years ago.” She couldn’t believe how calm Clark answer her.

“Still, you saved us from an apocalypse.”

Winnie still remembered back then when Clark practically stop an invasion of aliens. Well, he was one of the members of the international assault team. A team of superhero she might add. It was a crazy strategy. The offence is the best defence they said. They’re sure that they couldn’t protect the earth so the earth took the initiative. It was not on the news because it covered as a regular rocket launch. Winnie herself forbidden to spill any story about it. Even as a joke.

“Things change. The last president wants its citizens to be equal.” Clark shrugged.

“But…” She doesn’t want to accept that fact.

“It’s okay Winnie.” Clark smiled, trying to reassure her.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t pay your taxes.” She barely just paid all of her student’s debt.

“It’s fine. I will have a job soon. They give us 2 years to find a job. That’s great.” He tries to find his reading glasses.

“You know dad, you could easily look it up in google?”

“I’m not used to this day technology, sweetheart.” He opened the newspaper.

Do you know that you could order everything online now, dad? Do you know there’s an online dating app? Do you know there’s a way for us to reserve a hotel through the internet? Do you know how many hours teen nowadays put in their life into their phone? What kind of job will you find in that newspaper?

I know you have your own reason to avoid the technology. I know that you’re actually happy to meet a friendly cashier and to have a short conversation before we leave. I know that you’re actually happy to meet a waiter and to ask him/her what’s their story that day. I know that you’re actually happy when you spend your time with me rather than in a pub.

It’s okay dad, you stopped an alien invasion. I don’t know whether they will invade again or will contact us next time. Maybe they can use the chatting app now.

Useless Future Me

“Are you here to tell me some hint again?” I talked to the future me. He froze for a moment and then told me that he actually has the truth to be told.

“What is it?” I’m really curious about it. Our first encounter was ten years ago. I was ten at the time. I met him in the dining room when my parents left me for several days. He really looked like me but older. Well, both of us have this diamond face shape, narrow jaw, small nose, brown eyes, thin lips and good teeth. He’s more muscular and has longer hair compared to me.

At that time, he said that we are a smart person. We’ll win several math competitions including regional competition and make our parents proud of us. My body… No, our body is slightly above average in athletics. Not that strong, but we could finish a marathon when we’re 17 years old. Relationship topic was absent. I wonder if he or we will meet someone and then get rejected or being heartbroken after a sweet relationship experience or traumatic incident involving our significant other. Oh, he told me that we’ll get a great internship experience in one of the biggest company in our town.

He didn’t tell me all the details because he’s afraid he’ll ruin the future including his own condition. He even not sure about it will unfold and how space and time will act. Although he said that he might affect the original timeline and accidentally make a new timeline through our interaction.

He hesitated, took a deep breath and look at me right in the eyes. What kind of important thing that he wants to tell me? Is it an apocalypse because he looks a bit dirty now. Or maybe that we’ll lose all of our wealth. Please don’t say that I’m going to lose my parents.

“I’m not your future.” He told me casually. Eh? I thought to myself.

“I’m your cousins. I don’t know why and how we looked really similar too. I was here last time basically because of your parents’ request. They need someone to take care of you.” He finally laughed.

“I don’t know how you meet all of that ‘prophecy’. I didn’t lie about my achievement. The only lie I told you is when I confirmed your question about me coming from the future to help myself. Anyway, I’m really proud of you being able to achieve this much at a young age even more than when I was your age.” He pats my head.

“Wait, so you’re lying to me for this ten years?” I could felt my face is hotter right now.

“I met you for that whole week only. So, you could say it’s only a week.” He smirked.

“But… But… You told me not to tell anyone.”

“Look, I’m really sorry if you’re sad right now but look at all your achievement.” He tried to cheer me up.

I ran for my bedroom and slammed my door. I couldn’t believe it.