Good things come to those who wait

Our waiting started when we were preparing for math competition. We were second grade in junior high school that moment. Not much to tell about the math competition, we pass the first round and our attempt stop there, at the second round. It’s more about our junior who participate too in the competition. You could say we help her in the preparation and we really happy about it. We were humble at that moment.

When we were at third grade junior high school, we reach the final round surprisingly. We didn’t win those competition though. We and the junior become more-than-friend but not best friend because we more familiar with her older brother hehe~

We just realized that we having a crush on her at our last year in junior high school. We’re not sure if she feel the same or not, but we know that she know we admire her for one and a half year.

Luckily, the senior high school and the junior high school still occupy the same building. You could say our luck is run out in the next 2 years, we’re not meet with each other as frequent as 2 years before. We’re sure that ‘life’ is trying to toy us. At our last year, we met with her more frequently. Of course, we’re trying to not wasting our chances but there’s a shy guy (it’s us) standing awkwardly when he try to confess to her. Somehow, second chance appeared. We’re finally made it to confess to her BUT we told her to not to reply to our confession. Yes, we were still humble at that day. At least, she smiled when we tried to confess to her. As a shy guy, it was a big success to us whether it is accepted or not.

It’s not related to title, is it? Well, we’re trying to say that waiting too long isn’t that effective. Sometimes you have to take the jump when the moment has come.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Waiting Room.”


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