Ongoing, just like our title

When it comes to style, you could say our style is changing as long as we learn. (It’s mindset, not style.) Let’s repeat it once again.

When it comes to mindset, you could say our mindset is evolving as long as we learn. (It’s not responding the daily post’s writing prompt.) (We’re a rebel, don’t you remember?)

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Practice makes perfect… that’s what they said. When it comes to writing, learning through reading other’s article and story is needed to assist lack of vocabulary and new perspective. Of course, writing practice itself is the most important part.

This blog is actually created to meet our writing practice needs. Through this blog we hope we could inspire someone. Through blog, we hope we could help the other. Even if it’s a simple article just like this, it still took us one and a half hour until this word. A single person that we could inspire is worth the time, that’s what keep us to not giving up in blogging practice.

The article doesn’t end here, it’s ongoing.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

“We’re sorry for the second part since it’s not corresponding with the prompt, but that’s what prompt is made for, right?”

“Actually we’re not sorry about that one, we’re a prompt rebel after all.”

“Just ignore him. Forgive us if you’re confused when you read our article. It cannot be avoidable since me and the other me becoming the character of it’s us serial fiction.”

“Don’t just click likes or dropping by. We would prefer comment especially sarcastic one.”

“Just like he said, feel free to comment so we can increase our writing quality.”


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