No Action, Talking Only or No Talking, Action Only?

We know it seems silly, but we’ve been thinking for a moment that is it good if you do a lot of thing but not talking any about it. We’re absolutely not discussing about NATO as if it’s just for title. No Action and Talking Only makes you a liar but how about No Talking and Action Only?

As we know, action speaks louder than word but how loud is it if we really did not talk about it. Charlie Chaplin is one of the kind that we’re talking about. He’s really funny with his pure act and not a single word come out from his mouth. The question is how far action could move people? Is silent movement that initiated by Gandhi is started without words? What would happen if Einstein focusing on telling a lot of people what he has found? To be honest, we think that action could be inspiring because it was told to the other people even if it is told later. Although not everything that being told to other people will inspire the other but imagine if TED was not delivered in a presentation manner. That would be rather the same with Nobel Prize. It’s fascinating but no one will really understand it.

Human is a natural storyteller and every person has their own story, right? It’s normal to told story a little exaggerated but like the wolf and shepherd tale, too much lie makes you unreliable. Just like this post, it’s one way to tell people about our opinion and our existence with no action, eh?


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