Being good isn’t enough

Have you ever see a beggar that keep on living although he’s a beggar for years. Have you think about it?

In our country, there’s a high chance that beggar’s having a better life than labor in general. A beggar could buy cigarette more than labor could afford and some of them even could buy weed constantly. You could say beggar is a better job than labor and that’s the reality of my country.

People often being exploited by them without knowing what is going on. They often think they will be a good person if they give the beggar some money. “What harm could beggar bring if i give them small change?” Imagine a lot of people think that way. We wouldn’t be surprised if beggar will be doubled each day and they become more dependent to the society. Luckily, society nowadays is not that generous which is good according to me. Unfortunately, people who spare their money didn’t realized that their action didn’t do anything good. Instead, they made beggar lazier to do any job. “Why would I find a job if being a beggar already fulfilled my needs.”

People who spare their money undoubtedly is a generous person. We’re lucky still having them nowadays but they’re lacking wisdom. We’re sure sometimes we asked ourselves what could we do to help them but we seldom asked ourselves what happen to him/her if we give our money.

Sometimes, we need to do nothing to help them. Even to do nothing is some kind of way to teach them how to ‘fish’.

“Give man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We hope this article could widen your point of view.

Opinion and critiques is welcomed


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