Dear Julivius

Dear me

Dear me whenever you are,

It’s me reporting from my period. Don’t worry, all of you soon will know what i’m going to type but maybe forgot that i had typed it. I just want to inform you that i’m still a boy who doesn’t know how to fit into society, a boy who doesn’t know how to join the stream and a boy who speak as it is without considerate other’s feeling. Don’t worry, everything’s will be fine though. I mean no one could guarantee that i’m going to suffer, right? Reminder from me, don’t lose your integrity and your idealism because we will be at the top someday because of it. Don’t forget to reply my letter, when you reach the summit.

Dear another me whenever you are,

Thank you for accompanying me for a long time, i hope that we would insult each other in the future. I hope that you would remind me each time we’re out of our track. I hope that we would accompanying each other just like old times. I’m sorry if i’m making too much request but i need you to make sure that we’re still living out of drawer or box or something like that. Remind me in the future to reply this post, got it?

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