Look Around

“People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never though you’d lose it.” That’s what they said. As for me, sometimes we don’t realize what we had.

Yesterday, someone remind us again that we’re lucky that we have facilities to study and learn as much as we want. We had forgotten that we’re registered at one of the best university in our country. We had forgotten that we’re the chosen. We beat the thousands people or even tens of thousands people just to continue our study here. In fact, there’s still many people who struggle everyday just to continue their lives. We’re lucky that we could talk about our dreams and hopes.

We’re not live separately with the society, so what make us forgot our advantage? We forgot to look around, we often look things through this unreal window instead of look things around through our real window. Surfing the internet is needed but it’s not an obligation. It should be balanced with our direct interaction with the society and environment.


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