Stay young?

Q: What are your thoughts on aging?
A: Well, we think that aging is necessary to remind us of how long have we live in this world. As if it’s a common sense living another one year while we’re a child and while we’re an adult is surely different story.

Q: You’re talking about life’s experience, right?
A: Not exactly, we’re talking about lifespan portion actually. Just imagine living one year as a six-years-old boy and living one year as a twenty-years-old teenager. That would make one-sixth for the boy and one-twentieth for the teenager.

Q: I see what your point is. So, do you agree that growing older means more conservative?
A: Experience change people so it’s normal that old people more conservative than the younger one. But it depends on every individual, there’s people out there still alive and kicking despite their age.

Q: Hmm.. Do you have any suggestion to stay young as you get older?
A: You’re asking the wrong person actually. We’re still young, don’t you see. In our opinion, it doesn’t necessary to stay young. Well, Uncle Ben said that great power comes great responsibility and we pretty agree with him. Growing older wields greater power too, you know. Living as a human is more important for us. A lot of people nowadays lives as a robot according our perspective.

Q: Well, that means a lot to me and I’m sure to most of the reader. Thank you for your willingness to be interviewed.
A: You’re welcome. We’re happy to share our opinion. Hope it could inspires a lot of people.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Young At Heart


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