It’s Us #9

“What do you think afterlife looks like?”

“No idea. Looks like here probably.”

“Restart our life?”

“Perhaps, no one know except we’re dead. Be it heaven, hell or reincarnation, I don’t really care.”

“Do yo think we are ready to die yet?”

“Throw away our live?”

“Of course not. I mean if dead comes to pick us up, are we ready to leave this body to go with him?”

“I’m pretty proud of ourselves. Do you?”

“I don’t think we’ve done enough. There’s a lot of things left to do.”

“We don’t know when he’ll come and we’re already saved those kids, remember?”

“Sure, how I could possibly forgot that accident. I mean do you think we’ve been a good boy?”

“No one know buddy, no one can judge us… Even ourselves can’t.”


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