That Moment

Screw it!!!

That’s what we’ve been thinking everytime we’re tremble, everytime we’re nervous. The first try is the hardest one, but not for public speaking. We’re always nervous if we’re tasked to deliver a speech to hundreds, oops… we mean dozens actually.. We’re always nervous when many people staring at us and especially when they stop doing their activity. The tense is getting real and we’re tremble sometimes.

The first line is the hardest one for us. The rest of the speech is another story. First line is the most crucial for us because it is the time to decide whether to hear the rest or just ignore it. We don’t mind if a lot people are dissapointed but we can’t stand if people judging us silently. We just can’t take it and to be honest, we would prefer the straight-to-the-point-and-strikes-our-pride one.

Fortunately, failure gave us much lesson than succeed did. It doesn’t matter who are those people and what they thinked about us. Those who come to hear our speech that matter. Our experience is not that much but as far as we could say it’s more important to enlighten one person than judging the other that we’re being judged. We wouldn’t know if we’re being silently judged afterall so screw ’em. *eh?

Naked with black socks


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