It’s Us #10

I failed my exam yesterday. I could do it better next time.

I failed another exam. I wouldn’t repeat my mistakes again.

I failed my third subject this morning. That makes me looks like a complete failure.

“Damn it man.. What have I done…”

“Nothing at all. We’re just screwed up.”

“What we’re going to do with our life, what if…”

“Cut it. It’s just exam.”

“It’s just exam? Do you know how important is it?”

“Sure, but it didn’t guarantee that we will success if we pass the exam.”

“Our life will be more difficult if we didn’t have that certificate.”

“How can you be so sure… cut it out and stop being a crybaby.”

“It’s easy for you to say that.”

“Look, we’re trapped in the same body. I don’t have a reason to be so ignorant. Do you think why there’s a lot people unemployed… because they think a paper could save THEIR FUTURE.”

“How could we get a job then?”

“We could take the course again, don’t you see. We’ll get it eventually. The matter is what we’re going to do with our life now.”

“How do we want to be remembered after we’re dead… Do you think we’ll live another day for sure?”


“That’s my point. Live your life… our life. Don’t regrets regret.”

“… I guess you’re right. Thanks for reminding.”

“Yeah, I don’t know till when we have to share same body so I have to make sure that I die in peace anytime.”


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