It’s just happen

People tend to be more honest when they are physically tired. That’s why people confess things during late night talks.

I’m not fully disagree with that kind of facts (or statement?) but experience told me that serious conversation could happen anytime and anywhere except restroom. There was once, I chat with my friend to ask him about the upcoming assignments and after a couple of line BAM!!! we’re talking about life purposes. I’m sure that both of us didn’t plan it all along but the urge to talk about it just right there. Fortunately, it seldom happens or otherwise I wouldn’t have a time to do my assignments.

As an introvert, I would prefer quality over quantity as a lot of us will do. On the same time, I often think to myself that each of us have a story that could inspire the others and there goes my dilemma. What am I going to do to balance my social life. Until this moment, I’m still finding a way how to know people more than his or her name and here’s my discovery.

Talk to him and don’t stalk him.

It could be applied to anyone. All you need is pay attention to your conversation and there you go, you’re having a good conversation.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “counting voices


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