Small crossroads?

Crossroads. The point where two roads meet. At least that’s what the dictionary said.

Crossroads on the other hand means a point in your life when you have to make an important decision. Or is it that important?

Well, our experience said the otherwise. It’s not that important and huge decision that will determine the future. Our future is determined by our small step every day, every hour every minute and every second. Whether you choose to snooze morning alarm or to wake up and start your day. Whether you take notes or sleep in class. Whether you smile or frown. Those each actions would determine the outcome. Yes, life is uncertain but there is an old saying “Those who do evil, although the disaster has not yet arrived, but fortune has been away from it. Those who do good, though fortune has not arrived, but the disaster has been away from it.”

Have a nice day

In response to The Daily Post one-word prompt: Crossroads


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