That would be better

I should take the other option.

Most of us often think this way, aren’t we, when something unexpectedly going wrong. We said that based on the storyline after we pick an option. Well, it’s not a fully wrong idea. But, what if the outcome will be equal because the story didn’t happen exactly the same.

It’s good to realize something’s going wrong but it’s not good if we cling to our mistakes. Mistakes in the past will be our jokes in the future. But, don’t have too much of it or your life itself will be a joke. Mistakes itself is a real-life experience and it’s usually last longer than some warning from friends or family.

We skipped class once and guess what’s happen. Our teacher discuss problems that will come out on final exam. We don’t really regret though at that time because we believe we will overslept too in the class. TeHe~

Anyway, we’re trying to say we’re human afterall, we often make mistakes. In fact, we love to choose silly action based on irrational judgement or false assumption.

In response to daily prompt: False


One thought on “That would be better

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