It’s not the point

“What do you think I should do?” is a kind of question that is the most hard to answer for us. We often stop and ask them back what kind of answer would they expect and they usually answered with “it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? I would like to know your opinion.” We answer and explain it why we would say that, but guess what’s next? They shot down our opinion like ‘Hey, you asked our opinion and there goes my opinion. Why do you think we need to hear out your opinion too.’

The worst part is we debate over opinion which is really really unnecessary. We’re missing the main point. We’re missing the part why do we ask for opinion.

People or my friends actually often ask the wrong question. Sometimes they and us didn’t even know what kind of answer that we’re looking for. Rather than general question, sometimes it’s more appropriate asking opinion about the plan itself or looking out for support or justification though.

Well, actually some of them turns out to be a good discussion. Some of the rest were not really wasted but could be a better discussion if started with a good question.

Do you have the same experience? Don’t be shy and comment below.


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