It’s Us: This is Awkward


Sees Daily Prompt: Anticipation

“Okay, so what kind of experience that we would like to tell them?”

“Hmmm… ohh… Do you remember the one we do some field work in the remote area?”

“Yeah, yeah… that was hillarious. Let’s write that one.”

5 minutes later…

“I don’t think they would like that one. They don’t really understand what we’re talking about.”

“You’re right. So what story that we should write then?”

“How about our ruined plan?”

“Which one? You know almost all of our plan was ruined.”

“Let’s see. The one that we ruined it beautifully. Ah… That day when we woke up really really really late.”

“We want to tell them to not to be paranoid… Nice idea.”

10 minutes later…

“I don’t think I’m ready for people to know that kind of our sins yet. I mean, we’re not that kind of good guy but I’m really unprepare for them to know our dark side.”

“Tell them partially then.”

“They won’t get the point, you know.”

“Hmmm… So what should we write? I feel I need to write this time.”

“Let’s write about this time. It’s a prompt afterall. People won’t anticipate this kind of writing, don’t you think.”

“You’re a genious buddy.”

“Indeed, we are genious.”

“Anyway, feel free to drop by. Here’s our first story It’s us #1 and I know that it didn’t make senses but you are free to judge and suggestion is fully welcomed.”

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation


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