A Year is just a year

Don’t you find it amusing when new year got nothing to do with our life but we celebrate it like it’s someone’s birthday or maybe more than a birthday party though. We didn’t even celebrate earth’s birthday. Heck, we didn’t even know when she’s born scientifically.

New year symbolize start of new period time. Or well, you could say that the earth has successfully revolves around the sun once more. A new hope, a new momentum, a new resolution, renewed dream, renewed purpose and etc are often appeared during new year’s eve moment. We’re not saying that it is wrong. We’re not the one judging here. But, resolution, dream, or hope could be made anytime and you could start to achieve it anytime too.

“Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternal”

xXx: The Next Level

Of a million sentences out there, somehow this quotes make it to our head and pop out suddenly. We don’t know how it connected to a new year but let’s say people’s life don’t based on new year but on their birthday. Okay, you’re getting out of your track. We mean let’s say that wars are happening randomly with a random period and let’s pretend that wars in this context is our conflict in each of our life then my soldiers is our soul, it stays together with us.

Maybe the conflict itself didn’t need to be problem, it could our path to our success, or some random things severing our life. You could solve it anytime if you starting to solve it or you could working on your dreams anytime you want. Maybe not that literally but you could achieve your dream if you start it. No one knows you will get it but everyone knows you won’t reach your goals if you didn’t start it at all.

Anyway, Happy New Year. Should have start it with a happy mood in the new year, ain’t we? Do you start your new year with a positive attitude?

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