Infinity and Beyond


“To infinity and beyond..!!” Buzz Lightyear said. Easier said than done, doesn’t it? I believe everything is possible when we could imagine it.

3 and a half years ago, we graduated from high school. We barely know a thing and don’t even imagine we have a life purpose. We registered at some community service to fill up our vacation before we got in to college. No one recognise us at that time. We were a hardcore introvert or some people call it socially awkward.

Now, we’re achieved many things. Well, we’re not that overly achieved anything. It’s just unthinkable that we would reach this point at these days. Being a experienced moderator in some small event but still standing up in front of a lot of people need a lot guts, don’t you agree? Some of our friends thought we’re a friendly person and that’s a huge positive to think.

Until this point, maybe we sounded out of topic but here’s what we want to tell you. Infinity is overrated, infinity cannot be quantified and that’s why it is overrated. Being better than yourself in the past is easier. Then what infinity and beyond means? In our opinion, it’s talking about breaking the limits. Correct us if we’re wrong but infinity is usually associated with limit and beyond means beyond the limit, so Buzz Lightyear is actually telling us overcome our limit.

via Daily Prompt: Infinite

Do you agree? Tell us what do you think.


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