It’s a Habit

“Why do you write in an upside down paper?”

A lot of our friends ask us a lot about that habit because it’s the one that seems obviously weird. At first, we explain why we do it and now it’s just a habit. If we traced it to the past, perhaps it is one of our turning point of being a freak. Not that freak but we’re not that normal though. The upside paper remind us to not follow the society just because ‘that is how they have done it’ and  it’s not breaking the rules.

Writing in an upside down paper taught us that it’s just a meaningless habit, isn’t it? Nope, it is some small habit but habit define who you are, habit define the way you live your life. Maybe it’s small but there’s a creature called butterfly which could make huge storm (we’re talking about butterfly effect). Slow and steady step is usually more important than a sprint. Usain Bolt won his third consecutive olympic 100 metre gold medal last year. Seems a huge achievement but do you know how much he train before he sprint in an Olympic race just for less than 10 seconds. As for us, our university college and our junior sees us as a genius but they don’t know how much book we’ve read and how many things that we’ve learned along the semester. It’s not how long that you’ve studied but it’s how long that you’ve learned, people usually study for the test and not learn it for the rest of their lives because they thought that it won’t be useful for them. They’re not really wrong but society nowadays are missing a point, learning is mainly about the process and good result is one of the side effect if you learn in a good way.

Let’s say you learn math and their hell of equation. Almost all of us could agree that we couldn’t apply it in the real life but then is learning math is useless? As you can guess, the answer is no. Why? Because learning math taught us to think logically.

Lastly, maybe it’s not related to the previous paragraph or whole of them but we want to say that none of your effort is really useless. Maybe it’s look meaningless but it will help you magically because you know life is a mystery.

via Daily Prompt: Meaningless


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