I Want to Go To College : Introduction

“Well, how is it?”

“Wait a minute, mom.”

“Why are you more relaxed than me? Don’t you want to get it?”

“Sure… I do want it but it’s not changing anything if I rushed it.” I opened the email. I hold my breath. I didn’t check my pulse, but I think it’s not there.

My eyes started to scan the email, it’s my twelveth attempt to get a scholarship this year. No, I’m not living in America where students got burdened with students’ loan after they graduate.

We are unable…  Darn, not again. I know that we don’t need any investment to send an application but the nervous is piling up day by day. I’m always asking for feedback and some of them did reply me, so I improve my application letter and others every time I send another hope.

“Sorry mum, false alarm,” I said to her.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. You know that I trust you.” My mom tried to cheer me up.

“I think you adopted a wrong kid.” I sighed.

“How many times do I have to tell you and you are the most wonderful son that I ever had.” She said that while she gives me a soft pat.

“And by the way, Ms Mary said that she will need a sign language interpreter to help her be a liaison officer for a deaf speaker. Signer.” She said that with a poker face. Sometimes, I questioned her honesty but I think she is being honest this time.

“Could you try to say it later in another different moment? It would be much more dramatic.” I chuckled. She never failed to cheer me up.

“So yes or no? I have to cook for lunch, I don’t have that much spare time.” She walks to the kitchen. “I think you should date her daughter, she likes you. What was her name again? Stacy.” She shouted from the kitchen.

“Her name is Stella and you should try to listen to your son once in a while. I’m going out with her this Friday.” I hope she couldn’t see me blushing.

No reply. I think she’s smirking right now.

“You wouldn’t object that I’m going out with a hard of hearing lady, would you?” I speak louder.


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