I Want to Go To College: Part 1

“What do you think about my new song?” I signed when I picked her up.

“I love your lyrics. I don’t know how it sounds. Sorry.” She replied.

I smiled and signed thanks to her. She smiled back at me. Damn, never seen a genuine smile in a long time.

“How are you?” she asked me through ASL.

“I’m fine even though I haven’t gotten any scholarships” I signed back.

“I’m sure you will get one soon.” She’s comforting me at the time.

“Don’t worry, your mum always gives me a job. Let’s eat. Where do you want to eat?” I started the engine. I looked back at her again waiting for an answer.

“Any soup will do.” She answered.

“Chicken soup for the soul?” I tried to put on a serious face. She laughed. “How about the chicken soup at the top of the Great Hill?” I finally thought of a place.

She nod and that means she agrees to it. I think I’ve seen too much meme that I started asking myself why is it so easy for her to pick a place to eat.

We started to leave the house and went to the restaurant. It was rather a smooth ride with some bend along the way. She’s enjoying the scenery. It only took around 20 minutes to reach the restaurant. The restaurant itself wasn’t that big. The restaurant could only serve 20 people and we’re lucky that we got a table.

“It’s a beautiful place. How do you find this place?” She asked me.

“I’m bad at reading a map. Even google map. I forgot what I’m looking for. Here I am.” I proud of myself. “What do you want to eat?” I pointed to the menu on the wall.

“Chicken soup… for a person, not a soul.” She chuckled.

I waved my hand at the waiter. He nods and coming toward us.

“Do you want to order anything?” He asked while he turned on a tablet.

“2 chicken soup and 2 chocolate milkshake,” I replied. He frowned a bit and finally, he answered, “Very well, sir. 2 chicken soup and 2 chocolate milkshake.” He returned and bring an order to another table.

“I ordered milkshakes for us,” I told her. She agrees with my choice.

“So, how’s your school? Do you have any trouble?”

“Not at all. My new school is very nice to us. To deaf people or hard of hearing. It’s nice to know that you’re not alone.”

“Glad to hear it.” We made an eye contact and locked to each other. She suddenly smiles. I directly view the scenery, I hope my face didn’t get red.

She snaps at me. It didn’t sound like it should but she caught my attention again.

“I’m sorry if I make you blushed. I’m so happy right now.” She’s apologized.

“My face got red, yeah? Is it your first time seeing the skyline?” I pointed to the outside.

“Yes, I never been to this hill as long as I can remember. Never realized that we have a beautiful city lights.” Her smile just got wider again I think.

“2 chicken soup and 2 milkshakes.” The waiter interrupt us. Good timing sir I thought to myself.

Later on, I couldn’t quite remember what we’re discussing about. Well, I could recall it if I want to but all I could remember was her bright smile and the wonderful city lights. We even spend 10 minutes in silence to enjoy the scenery.

I drove her back to her house before 10 pm. I don’t want to lose my job yet.

“Thanks for today.” She lowered her right hand toward me.

“You’re welcome. Looking forward for the next date.” I replied before I’ve realized what I’ve signed.

She would love to she signed.

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Full moon

“When will the next full moon happen?” Eugene asked.

“Well, let’s see… The next full moon will happen in 29th April. The April full moon is typically known as the Full Pink Moon.” Sonic explained it calmly.

“You sounds like a nerd.” Eugene tried to tease him but Sonic didn’t budge at all. He even agrees with Eugene’s statement. Eugene didn’t expect it so the moment became awkward.

“It’s crescent.” Sonic said while he looked into the sky.

Eugene raised his head too.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Sonic whispered.

“Yes, Rose is beautiful.” Said Eugene before he smirked.

Sonic pat him on the shoulder.

“Ouch, I didn’t know I could offend a nerd like you.” Eugene sarcastically rubbed his shoulder pretending it was a brutal hit.

Sonic hit him again with a jab to his shoulder this time.

“Hey!” Eugene shouted.

“Don’t be such a wimp.” Sonic returned it.

Sonic and Eugene laughed together and they mocked each other for the rest of the night.

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Hi guys, I hope you like it and I do want to know what kind of plot do you think when you read the story. Will update it soon.

Unconsciously Unique

“Hi sweetie, how have you been?” Miss Smith asked me.

The questions startled me suddenly, I thought no one would really notice my disappearance.

“Umm… I’m fine miss, thanks for asking.” I smiled.

“Haven’t seen you in a long time, a month maybe since last time we’ve met. Do you want the usual?” She smiled back at me.

“Yes, the usual. Double steak with extra salad and no sauce.” I didn’t know how come she notice me

“Let’s make it triple this time. I don’t know what happen but I hope you’re doing fine like you said. You wouldn’t left any, would you?” She added another steak to my plate.

“Say, how come you notice me? I mean I am one of hundreds of your customer. I don’t even come every day.” I asked as my curiousity exploded.

“It’s easy to notice a single person who always asked for extra salad. In addition, you always eat like it’s going to be your last meal in your life. I really fond of young man that know how to be grateful… and it’s easier to clean up your plate.” I shocked as she listed all of it.

“I see. Well, thanks for the concern and the extra steak. You made my day.” I smiled again as I lifted the tray.

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Here I am

Here I am, at my desk, waiting for an inspiration to descend from the heaven. I’ve submitted dozens of short story to various newspapers, magazines and competitions but none of them gave me good news. A pathetic boy you could say, I’ve only been into writing for eight months and I already compared myself to J. K. Rowling and Rick Riordan.

Here I am, at my desk, scribbling like an idiot. Maybe I need to learn how spongebob write “The” to spend my spare time in a positive procrastination way. Yeah, you read it right, a positive procrastination, it happens when you learn something when you are supposed to do another task. Personally, reading is a positive while watching netflix is another unless you’re into cinema.

Here I am, at my desk, wondering what is it like to have a fanbase and inspiring hundreds, thousands, or even millions people. Must be interesting to know that people are buying your book and lining up to get your autograph. It’s still a long way, though. I can’t even produce a thousand words story.

Here I am, at my desk, staring at my blank paper. Maybe I should start a blog and be a blogger instead.


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Meghan and Jessie

“You don’t need to be so straightforward just now, you know?” Meghan said as she walks beside me.

“Which…” “The food for god’s sake.” she cut my sentence.

“It’s a common sense to let people finish their…” “Doesn’t matter if I’m not wrong.” she did it again.

“Fine, I couldn’t really eat it, what would you expect?” I replied. “A sincere thank you?” she raised her eyebrows.

“I’ve said thank you.” “In a sarcastic way.” Meghan reminds me.

They’ve said treat people the way you want to be treated and I really hate people talking at my back so I’m trying to be an honest person. I know some opinion better left unsaid but I do think saying thank you is a must.

“No, I said ‘thank you for the food but I can’t eat spicy food’. What’s wrong with it?” I stopped before we go separate ways.

“Well, you could just receive it and give it to someone else.”

“And if they know?” I asked.

“If. They. Know.” she said word by word slowly and carefully.

Some part of me actually agree with her, but if I were in their shoe and I knew that the gift been given to someone else, I would be totally devastated.

“I think it’s better to turn it down at the first place, so they won’t repeat the same mistake.” I lectured her. She freeze for a moment. “You sound like my teacher Jes. You win this one.” She waves her hand as she walks her way home.

“Love you Meghan.” I smiled. “Love you too Jessie… I’ll get you on the next one.”


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*This is a work of fiction. No actress were harmed in the process of making this fictional story.*

It failed again


It’s already noon and I just woke up. “Where am I?” I thought. There’s a small chair and an old desk in front of me. The chair lost one of its leg and the desk itself is perforated. Maybe there’s a lot of termites in it.

The window is huge and really ancient. I think it’s come from medieval era. An arc at the top with flat bottom frame. One thing that’s intrigues me that the curtains come in bright pink colour.

Ahh… I think my time machine just messed up with my mind again.

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It’s a Habit

“Why do you write in an upside down paper?”

A lot of our friends ask us a lot about that habit because it’s the one that seems obviously weird. At first, we explain why we do it and now it’s just a habit. If we traced it to the past, perhaps it is one of our turning point of being a freak. Not that freak but we’re not that normal though. The upside paper remind us to not follow the society just because ‘that is how they have done it’ and  it’s not breaking the rules.

Writing in an upside down paper taught us that it’s just a meaningless habit, isn’t it? Nope, it is some small habit but habit define who you are, habit define the way you live your life. Maybe it’s small but there’s a creature called butterfly which could make huge storm (we’re talking about butterfly effect). Slow and steady step is usually more important than a sprint. Usain Bolt won his third consecutive olympic 100 metre gold medal last year. Seems a huge achievement but do you know how much he train before he sprint in an Olympic race just for less than 10 seconds. As for us, our university college and our junior sees us as a genius but they don’t know how much book we’ve read and how many things that we’ve learned along the semester. It’s not how long that you’ve studied but it’s how long that you’ve learned, people usually study for the test and not learn it for the rest of their lives because they thought that it won’t be useful for them. They’re not really wrong but society nowadays are missing a point, learning is mainly about the process and good result is one of the side effect if you learn in a good way.

Let’s say you learn math and their hell of equation. Almost all of us could agree that we couldn’t apply it in the real life but then is learning math is useless? As you can guess, the answer is no. Why? Because learning math taught us to think logically.

Lastly, maybe it’s not related to the previous paragraph or whole of them but we want to say that none of your effort is really useless. Maybe it’s look meaningless but it will help you magically because you know life is a mystery.

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