It’s Us: This is Awkward


Sees Daily Prompt: Anticipation

“Okay, so what kind of experience that we would like to tell them?”

“Hmmm… ohh… Do you remember the one we do some field work in the remote area?”

“Yeah, yeah… that was hillarious. Let’s write that one.”

5 minutes later…

“I don’t think they would like that one. They don’t really understand what we’re talking about.”

“You’re right. So what story that we should write then?”

“How about our ruined plan?”

“Which one? You know almost all of our plan was ruined.”

“Let’s see. The one that we ruined it beautifully. Ah… That day when we woke up really really really late.”

“We want to tell them to not to be paranoid… Nice idea.”

10 minutes later…

“I don’t think I’m ready for people to know that kind of our sins yet. I mean, we’re not that kind of good guy but I’m really unprepare for them to know our dark side.”

“Tell them partially then.”

“They won’t get the point, you know.”

“Hmmm… So what should we write? I feel I need to write this time.”

“Let’s write about this time. It’s a prompt afterall. People won’t anticipate this kind of writing, don’t you think.”

“You’re a genious buddy.”

“Indeed, we are genious.”

“Anyway, feel free to drop by. Here’s our first story It’s us #1 and I know that it didn’t make senses but you are free to judge and suggestion is fully welcomed.”

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation


It’s Us #10

I failed my exam yesterday. I could do it better next time.

I failed another exam. I wouldn’t repeat my mistakes again.

I failed my third subject this morning. That makes me looks like a complete failure.

“Damn it man.. What have I done…”

“Nothing at all. We’re just screwed up.”

“What we’re going to do with our life, what if…”

“Cut it. It’s just exam.”

“It’s just exam? Do you know how important is it?”

“Sure, but it didn’t guarantee that we will success if we pass the exam.”

“Our life will be more difficult if we didn’t have that certificate.”

“How can you be so sure… cut it out and stop being a crybaby.”

“It’s easy for you to say that.”

“Look, we’re trapped in the same body. I don’t have a reason to be so ignorant. Do you think why there’s a lot people unemployed… because they think a paper could save THEIR FUTURE.”

“How could we get a job then?”

“We could take the course again, don’t you see. We’ll get it eventually. The matter is what we’re going to do with our life now.”

“How do we want to be remembered after we’re dead… Do you think we’ll live another day for sure?”


“That’s my point. Live your life… our life. Don’t regrets regret.”

“… I guess you’re right. Thanks for reminding.”

“Yeah, I don’t know till when we have to share same body so I have to make sure that I die in peace anytime.”

It’s Us #9

“What do you think afterlife looks like?”

“No idea. Looks like here probably.”

“Restart our life?”

“Perhaps, no one know except we’re dead. Be it heaven, hell or reincarnation, I don’t really care.”

“Do yo think we are ready to die yet?”

“Throw away our live?”

“Of course not. I mean if dead comes to pick us up, are we ready to leave this body to go with him?”

“I’m pretty proud of ourselves. Do you?”

“I don’t think we’ve done enough. There’s a lot of things left to do.”

“We don’t know when he’ll come and we’re already saved those kids, remember?”

“Sure, how I could possibly forgot that accident. I mean do you think we’ve been a good boy?”

“No one know buddy, no one can judge us… Even ourselves can’t.”

It’s us #8

“I really hate him.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he treat us inhumanly according to me.”

“You’re not exactly wrong. but, you’re not exactly right either. Maybe we’re not understand him enough.”

“Are you trying to say to just let him be?”

“You can say so. It would be trouble for us to spend our time thinking about him.”

“You’re right, our time is more precious though.”

“Yeah, we need to think how to pass this semester.”

“Don’t remind me about those crap again.”

It’s us #7

“Well, do you think she is aware of our existence?”

“I’m not sure about that one. Why do you suddenly ask that question?”

“Do you really need to ask me.. We’re using same body which is mean we are sharing our mind.”

“I know that we love her… It’s just unexpected. We made a deal actually about that one, right?”

“As long as she is happy, we’ll be happy for her too…”

“That’s it.”

“Just curious that do we ever crossed her mind.”

“Should we ask her?”

“Don’t being so honest. What should we do if she know that we love her.”

“I think she already know about that one, don’t you think?”

“Yeah… But I don’t want to believe it.. yet.”

“Let’s declare it then.”

It’s us #6

“We know him, don’t we?”

“Yeah, but we forgot his name.”

“Crap, you’re right.”

“He’s waving at us. What should we do?”

“Just wave back and smile.”

“Let’s look around and make sure he’s waving at us.”

“Don’t do that, he will know that we forgot his name. Just wave back confidently.”


“That was close buddy.”

“We need to celebrate it.”

“Not that awesome, i’m sure he forgot our name too.”

“Haven’t thinked about that one.”

“You’re going to admit that i’m genious?”

“Not yet buddy… not yet.”

It’s us #5

“What do you think?”

“She’s cute.”

“Not that one, i mean yeah she’s cute. But i’m talking about the summer school abroad. Should we take it?”

“Let’s talk to her.”

“Hey, what about…. Damn, she’s coming this way.”

“Brace yourself.”


“Just talk to her.”

“There she is, looking at us, smiling.”

*smile awkwardly*

“Our chance gone.. just like that.”

“As a shy guy, we’re wasting our chance splendidly just now.”

“I can’t deny it and that makes me want to kill you if we’re not in the same body.”

“Says the one who smile and didn’t do anything.”