Hate it when it happens to me

“Hey, I’ve got some idea to write down and I think it’s a good thing to be brought up.” 57 words later. “Nah, that idea is often discussed and a lot of good writing are already out there. Why do you even bother?”

Have you ever feel that way? It’s nearly always happen to me. Sometimes I want to blame my confidence but that means I’m blaming others and not myself (I know it doesn’t makes sense but please bear with it.) And actually blaming myself won’t solve anything. So, what do I do? As a soon-to-be engineer, it’s my duty to find a solution for myself.

This blog is already 2 years old and not much post I write because that kind of block. Yeah, I’ve actually found the solution but I often forgot where do I put it. Luckily, I brought it with me this time…. Wait a minute, where do I put it just now? Insert your imagination here. Ah.. There you are. Meanwhile, I’m trying to read it what I’m going to tell you.

So, there’s a lot of reason why I don’t have the confidence about my own writing skill. One of the reason is because I’m not have my own writing style yet. It’s not consistent to be precise. The other reason is sometimes, I don’t know why I’m writing. When I read my early post, I said it to myself, I write to know myself and sometimes I write just because of other thing such as gaining follower, likes or views and it’s not completely wrong but I often write about what people likes or believes not what I likes or believes. I know it sounds like I’m egoist. I used word ‘I’ a lot though. And there’s reason that sometimes I don’t feel my post is good enough. Yeah, it’s almost equal with the previous reason but this is more about the comparison to the other. There is still 98 reasons why I do not believe in my own writing skill but let’s skip the rest because it’s not that important and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to read it.

First of all, to overcome that kind of block is surely having a confidence in your own writing style. Maybe the paragraph is disordered, maybe the vocabulary that used is still limited, or maybe you afraid that people didn’t understand and all of them are normal. Embracing it as your own style is he first step. Improving is the next and I suggest that you don’t switch it. Know your strength and weakness then you know what do you need to do to fix the weakness. Perfect is boring afterall so don’t be ashamed of your style. Some of us will like it.

Second, know your reason why you are writing. Not about the topic that you will write or how will you tell your story, but your reason why you are writing. Do you write just for fun? Do you write to argue? Do you write to inspire? Do you write to warn people? Anything would do but knowing it is important.

Third, it’s the easiest I guess is to believe some random guy will stumbled upon your story and he will like it. Maybe it’s not this year or next year and if you’re not that patient, you could increase your chance by increasing the amount of your post and read some tips how to get reader (re:fans).

And that’s all the tips that I got from the solution, maybe I will buy a new one because it’s a little outdated but I hope it helps you. Or maybe some comment about the tips will help me too.


It’s not the point

“What do you think I should do?” is a kind of question that is the most hard to answer for us. We often stop and ask them back what kind of answer would they expect and they usually answered with “it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? I would like to know your opinion.” We answer and explain it why we would say that, but guess what’s next? They shot down our opinion like ‘Hey, you asked our opinion and there goes my opinion. Why do you think we need to hear out your opinion too.’

The worst part is we debate over opinion which is really really unnecessary. We’re missing the main point. We’re missing the part why do we ask for opinion.

People or my friends actually often ask the wrong question. Sometimes they and us didn’t even know what kind of answer that we’re looking for. Rather than general question, sometimes it’s more appropriate asking opinion about the plan itself or looking out for support or justification though.

Well, actually some of them turns out to be a good discussion. Some of the rest were not really wasted but could be a better discussion if started with a good question.

Do you have the same experience? Don’t be shy and comment below.

That would be better

I should take the other option.

Most of us often think this way, aren’t we, when something unexpectedly going wrong. We said that based on the storyline after we pick an option. Well, it’s not a fully wrong idea. But, what if the outcome will be equal because the story didn’t happen exactly the same.

It’s good to realize something’s going wrong but it’s not good if we cling to our mistakes. Mistakes in the past will be our jokes in the future. But, don’t have too much of it or your life itself will be a joke. Mistakes itself is a real-life experience and it’s usually last longer than some warning from friends or family.

We skipped class once and guess what’s happen. Our teacher discuss problems that will come out on final exam. We don’t really regret though at that time because we believe we will overslept too in the class. TeHe~

Anyway, we’re trying to say we’re human afterall, we often make mistakes. In fact, we love to choose silly action based on irrational judgement or false assumption.

In response to daily prompt: False

Earth Hour? Or is it?

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement for the planet organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature. The event is held worldwide annually encouraging individuals, communities, households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour as a symbol for their commitment to the planet.

Earth hour itself started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2,2 millions homes and businesses turned their light off for one hour to make their stand against the climate change.

The standard Earth Hour ’60’ logo represents the 60 minutes of Earth Hour where we focus on the impact we are having on our planet and take positive action to address the environmental issues we face. For Earth Hour 2011 the ‘60+’ logo was introduced representing a commitment to add to Earth Hour a positive act for the planet that goes beyond the hour. Take up the ‘plus’ and get involved with Earth Hour Blue.

That’s what I found when I search earth hour briefly. A lot of my friends really support the movement while the rest of them is opposed to it. For me, earth hour is a great movement, it makes people realize that each of us could determine our future together. Earth hour propaganda shout out the NGOs related to environmental protection and Earth Hour movement is more universal, it could be done by all of us.

But, nothing’s perfect, isn’t it? When you turn off your lights, what kind of lighting will you use to face the darkness? Candles or flashlight? Either way, it still uses energy meanwhile Earth Hour is made to raise awareness of energy issues. In addition, people who don’t really understand the background become more narcissistic. They really believes that turning off their lights for one hour giving a big impact.

At the end, we need Earth Hour to influence the government. We need public policy and infrastructure development to be improved, to be more sustainable. We who questions Earth Hour movement need to educate other people so government would be influenced too in the end.

Go the distance

I’ll be there someday, I can go the distance
I will find my way if I can be strong
I know every mile, will be worth my while
When I go the distance, I’ll be right where I belong

It’s just sounds like everybody, doesn’t it? We need to go the distance to success. It’s just a matter of time to reach our goal.

But then, why are many people fail?

According our amateur research, they who fail usually didn’t find the right way or they out of their time already. But the biggest mistake they often do as for us too sometimes is fail to realize they don’t go anywhere.

Thomas Alva Edison said that our greatest weakness lies in giving up and the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. It’s not as simple as it sounds actually. Repeated small success is more suitable for us. Let’s imagine that if someone is usually success then it will be easy to reach bigger success, right? Wake up early is one of them we suggest. It’s one of  the way to win over your laziness. We’re not recommend you to be persistence, determination is more important. Persistence tells you to work hard, but determination tells you to work smart.

Maybe luck give detour to your goal but you still need to go the distance to reach it.

Look Around

“People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never though you’d lose it.” That’s what they said. As for me, sometimes we don’t realize what we had.

Yesterday, someone remind us again that we’re lucky that we have facilities to study and learn as much as we want. We had forgotten that we’re registered at one of the best university in our country. We had forgotten that we’re the chosen. We beat the thousands people or even tens of thousands people just to continue our study here. In fact, there’s still many people who struggle everyday just to continue their lives. We’re lucky that we could talk about our dreams and hopes.

We’re not live separately with the society, so what make us forgot our advantage? We forgot to look around, we often look things through this unreal window instead of look things around through our real window. Surfing the internet is needed but it’s not an obligation. It should be balanced with our direct interaction with the society and environment.


A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.

As for us, word is a set of letter, an element of communication and one of many ways to express feelings. Words is curse and miracle at the same time. Through words, you could be acquainted. Through words, you could know more about your acquaintance. Through words, you got a new friends. Through words, you could confess love to your crush. Through words, you could end it all.

Words is just a tools. Words is a double-edged sword. Words could be used to decieved people. At the other side, words could be an inspiration to the others. Bitter truth and sweet lie is words creation too. Words could help and hurt you simultaneously.

Be careful with words. Words won’t stop you. Who knows some day you will ending your own journey because of mistreated words?

Photos from rachel.brandonhundt.com