Not that important

It’s just a vote. It’s just a plastic bottle. It’s just 5 minutes late. and the list goes on and on. Small things, isn’t it? No one is really paying attention to it, so why should I? And that’s where the problem lies. Many of us didn’t realise that small habits are taking up a huge portion of our life. Imagine you do an action once a day. In a year, you have done it 365 times and believe me or not, it will feels like a reflexes even though it’s not. It will be really hard to change if you’re just gonna postpone it. Days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years and suddenly it’s over. A single raindrop won’t do anything, but a bunch of raindrop could fill an empty lake or flood a city.

Start by a simple positive habit such as saying thank you to people that helped you although it’s their job to help you (re: cashier, retailer, office boy, etc). Reuse a plastic or a paper bag when in groceries. Be on time. Not littering. Use a positive word but not a lie. Start it slowly and  eventually you’ll end up running. You may not believe us and it’s fine but one thing for sure that you are master of yourself and do not blindly believed what others told you.

If our life were a movie, it would be easier to have an enemy who try to eradicate humanity, but we do not have one. We are a part of the problem and solution at the same time. It’s not always about global warming, it’s about humanity. For how long that humanity could be survive until we end our own species.

Just like Lao Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” It may be a small changes and a small step, but who knows how it will affect our surrounding.


Every day

Day and night pass just like that. As we got older, a day become short and shorter. Have you ever wondered what happen with you. Younger version of ourselves didn’t see that we would reach this point too. Yeah, we know that we’re still 21 but still, we didn’t expect we will be a friendly introvert we know that it sounds weird, but we cannot find properer word than this.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic. As we got older, a birthday become more ordinary. As we got older, our expectations got higher unconsciously. As we got older, our life become more complicated. As we got older, we become more skeptical. Have you ever wondered why would that happened.

There’s a lot of things happen each day without our realization affecting our life. No, there’s no one to blame there. It’s a cycle. All we can do is live, enjoy and appreciate all the things happen to our life. We cannot choose things that will happen but we can choose how do we respond to it.

Well, what do you think? Do you agree with our opinion? Please comment below.


Through speaking, we could complain.

Through speaking, we could insult.

Through speaking, we could offend.

Through speaking, we could humiliate.

Through speaking, we could mock.

Through speaking, we could tease.

We’re wondering whether speaking is a blessing or a curse.

But then again,

Through speaking, we could confess.

Through speaking, we could know each other.

Through speaking, we could inspire.

Through speaking, we could enlighten.

Through speaking, we could understand.

Dear Julivius

Dear me

Dear me whenever you are,

It’s me reporting from my period. Don’t worry, all of you soon will know what i’m going to type but maybe forgot that i had typed it. I just want to inform you that i’m still a boy who doesn’t know how to fit into society, a boy who doesn’t know how to join the stream and a boy who speak as it is without considerate other’s feeling. Don’t worry, everything’s will be fine though. I mean no one could guarantee that i’m going to suffer, right? Reminder from me, don’t lose your integrity and your idealism because we will be at the top someday because of it. Don’t forget to reply my letter, when you reach the summit.

Dear another me whenever you are,

Thank you for accompanying me for a long time, i hope that we would insult each other in the future. I hope that you would remind me each time we’re out of our track. I hope that we would accompanying each other just like old times. I’m sorry if i’m making too much request but i need you to make sure that we’re still living out of drawer or box or something like that. Remind me in the future to reply this post, got it?

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I’m home.

Home doesn’t necessarily a building.

Home is where you feel welcomed.

Home is where you start and end your journey.

Home is the starting point and the finish line itself.

Home is a feeling.

Welcome back.

Things We Like

Here’s our list in response to Things We Like (and the second task of writing 101 actually)

  1. Remembering useless detail about our friend
  2. When light is shining through the leaves
  3. Lord of the Ring especially when arrival of Rohan’s reinforcement
  4. Inspiration that successfully delivered
  5. Randomly laughing together with friends
  6. Smelling a new book
  7. Wearing a jeans with a picture of mickey mouse on it
  8. Take a walk with a random route
  9. Surprising people because of the wrong judgement about us
  10. Having a sarcasm conversation

To be continued..


We write to know ourselves.

We write to know people.

We write to face ourselves.

We write to learn how to be brave.

We write to learn how to be confident.

We write to learn how to inspire.

We write to learn how to live.

We write to learn communication.

We write to learn interaction.

At last, we are still learning how to write.