Sirkus Bahagia

Senangnya bisa berekreasi bersama keluarga, apalagi seperti keluarga di depanku ini. Sepasang suami istri lengkap dengan empat anak, dua anak laki-laki berumur sekitar 6 dan 9 tahun serta dua anak perempuan kembar berumur 7 tahun yang sangat ceria. Tidak seperti diriku yang datang ke sirkus sendirian setelah bergulat dengan tumpukan tugas selama 2 minggu terakhir.

“Semuanya jadi 300 ribu pak.” ucap petugas kasir sambil membuyarkan lamunanku. “Loh, harga tiketnya naik ya?” sang suami memucat. “Baru saja naik harganya minggu lalu, pak.” balas petugas kasir dengan cuek.

Dengan lesu keluarga tersebut keluar dari antrian tanpa membeli tiket dan sang istri berusaha menenangkan anak-anaknya yang merengek. “2 minggu lagi ya nak kita ke sini. Kita menabung lagi ya.” Tanpa sengaja kudengar ucapan sang istri.

“2 minggu?” tanyaku dalam hati. Selama itukah waktu yang dibutuhkan oleh suami istri ini untuk mendapat uang sebesar itu.

“Mas, pesan untuk berapa orang?” Ucap petugas kasir ketus. “Umm… Maaf mba, uang yang saya bawa sepertinya tidak cukup. Saya ambil uang dulu di ATM.” ucapku bohong.

“Pak, ini uang bapak ya? Tadi jatuh.” aku menyerahkan selembar seratus ribu. Terkejut. Bapak itu mengucapkan terima kasih berulang kali dengan mata yang mulai berkaca-kaca. Senyum kembali mengisi keluarga itu. “Sama-sama pak. Lain kali lebih hati-hati lagi ya.” Keluarga yang kembali bahagia inipun membeli tiket dan memasuki area sirkus.

Pelan tapi pasti, sudut-sudut bibirku merekah dan ikut merasakan kebahagiannya. 1 detik berlalu, 2 detik berlalu, 3 detik berlalu, 10 detik berlalu, detik kemudian berubah menjadi menit dan mungkin pada menit kelima atau keenam, aku baru tersadar akan sesuatu. Aku lupa meminta uang kembalian. Aku tidak hanya memberikan jatah tiketku namun termasuk biaya makan malam dan biaya perjalanan pulang. Tak kubawa dompet dan ponsel genggam karena ingin kunikmati acaranya dengan baik, namun apa daya yang tersisa hanyalah uang receh sisa perjalanan datang tadi.

Kelihatannya aku harus pulang dengan berjalan kaki sekarang juga atau aku akan tiba di kost terlalu larut.



Here I am

Here I am, at my desk, waiting for an inspiration to descend from the heaven. I’ve submitted dozens of short story to various newspapers, magazines and competitions but none of them gave me good news. A pathetic boy you could say, I’ve only been into writing for eight months and I already compared myself to J. K. Rowling and Rick Riordan.

Here I am, at my desk, scribbling like an idiot. Maybe I need to learn how spongebob write “The” to spend my spare time in a positive procrastination way. Yeah, you read it right, a positive procrastination, it happens when you learn something when you are supposed to do another task. Personally, reading is a positive while watching netflix is another unless you’re into cinema.

Here I am, at my desk, wondering what is it like to have a fanbase and inspiring hundreds, thousands, or even millions people. Must be interesting to know that people are buying your book and lining up to get your autograph. It’s still a long way, though. I can’t even produce a thousand words story.

Here I am, at my desk, staring at my blank paper. Maybe I should start a blog and be a blogger instead.


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Meghan and Jessie

“You don’t need to be so straightforward just now, you know?” Meghan said as she walks beside me.

“Which…” “The food for god’s sake.” she cut my sentence.

“It’s a common sense to let people finish their…” “Doesn’t matter if I’m not wrong.” she did it again.

“Fine, I couldn’t really eat it, what would you expect?” I replied. “A sincere thank you?” she raised her eyebrows.

“I’ve said thank you.” “In a sarcastic way.” Meghan reminds me.

They’ve said treat people the way you want to be treated and I really hate people talking at my back so I’m trying to be an honest person. I know some opinion better left unsaid but I do think saying thank you is a must.

“No, I said ‘thank you for the food but I can’t eat spicy food’. What’s wrong with it?” I stopped before we go separate ways.

“Well, you could just receive it and give it to someone else.”

“And if they know?” I asked.

“If. They. Know.” she said word by word slowly and carefully.

Some part of me actually agree with her, but if I were in their shoe and I knew that the gift been given to someone else, I would be totally devastated.

“I think it’s better to turn it down at the first place, so they won’t repeat the same mistake.” I lectured her. She freeze for a moment. “You sound like my teacher Jes. You win this one.” She waves her hand as she walks her way home.

“Love you Meghan.” I smiled. “Love you too Jessie… I’ll get you on the next one.”


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*This is a work of fiction. No actress were harmed in the process of making this fictional story.*

Atlantians #3

Dear readers,

For those who are curious, there is only 3 places where we Atlantians live. No, we do not live everywhere under the sea. We choose a place then we gathered so it’s easy for us to look out for each other. Yes, Bermuda is one of them.

Why we pick a spot? Because not all sea creature are friendly so we need to defend ourselves sometimes. Although, we could speak to them and read their expression, it won’t guarantee they won’t eat us. Just like you and me, fishes aren’t all the same. I know a grumpy fish, a goldfish to be precise. They tend to die quickly because of themselves but not this one, somehow he survives until now. There’s a vegetarian shark just like Bruce in ‘Finding Nemo’. I’m not lying.

Luckily fish cannot lie to each other, they talk through some kind of waves so if you could comprehend them, you could get a head start to escape. And just like earth-walker, we seatizen have a lot of languages so sometimes we Atlantians could have a communication problem too, especially with the penguins. Evolution problematic scheme I guess.

Anyway, my time is up. Time for me to continue my work. See ya.

PS: Just comment below if you’re curious more about Atlantians 😉

Atlantians #2

Hi, it’s fish again.

I’m never been visit a cell but one thing for sure, this prison is the most comfortable prison in the world. We do not get any pennies or gift but they’ve got a library, a soccer field, a pool, INTERNATIONAL one and free decent food. They also have gyms and cafe. You could say that I love this place.

For your information, they didn’t hold us for a determined periods. They will release us when we’ve developed our positive attitude. I’ve accidentally blow a carbon dioxide reservoir, so could you guess what kind is my punishment. I HAVE TO DESIGN A NEW ONE. Such an honor. Well, it will be built somewhere else, not the one that I blew up and not designing only, I have to plan the precaution too so there won’t be another accident. Sounds fun isn’t it?

Let’s try to guess another. What murderer get for punishment? They got a baby or a foster child to look after. Sometimes their child is a criminal too but don’t worry, they never kill each other, more often they are a child of single parents criminal.

There’s a lot to share but not now, aye? I will share it as soon as I’ve finished the design. Man, it’s so hard to design a reservoir, they didn’t give me a typical design file. See ya.

PS: Has anyone tell the clerk that I’m sorry. I still dreamt about him sometimes.

Not that important

It’s just a vote. It’s just a plastic bottle. It’s just 5 minutes late. and the list goes on and on. Small things, isn’t it? No one is really paying attention to it, so why should I? And that’s where the problem lies. Many of us didn’t realise that small habits are taking up a huge portion of our life. Imagine you do an action once a day. In a year, you have done it 365 times and believe me or not, it will feels like a reflexes even though it’s not. It will be really hard to change if you’re just gonna postpone it. Days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years and suddenly it’s over. A single raindrop won’t do anything, but a bunch of raindrop could fill an empty lake or flood a city.

Start by a simple positive habit such as saying thank you to people that helped you although it’s their job to help you (re: cashier, retailer, office boy, etc). Reuse a plastic or a paper bag when in groceries. Be on time. Not littering. Use a positive word but not a lie. Start it slowly and  eventually you’ll end up running. You may not believe us and it’s fine but one thing for sure that you are master of yourself and do not blindly believed what others told you.

If our life were a movie, it would be easier to have an enemy who try to eradicate humanity, but we do not have one. We are a part of the problem and solution at the same time. It’s not always about global warming, it’s about humanity. For how long that humanity could be survive until we end our own species.

Just like Lao Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” It may be a small changes and a small step, but who knows how it will affect our surrounding.

Atlantians #1

Hi, I’m ¿~<§. Yeah, I’m sure you couldn’t spell it out. They usually call me fish. No, I’m not an alien or… yeah you could call me an alien because I’m not human as homo sapiens as could be. I don’t come from the outer space actually but from the bottom of the sea. You read it right, I came from the bottom of the sea.

Do I know Spongebob? Well, you could say he’s my ancestor.

Where have I been all this time? Listen buddy, we’re not that different at all, except our kind average height is shorter 1 to 3 feet from the inlander, so you couldn’t know that we are aliens from the first glance.

Until a half year ago, I was only a nerd who luckily got himself into the Atlantis Institutes of Technology. I want to say that I’m not a doom bringer but unfortunately I blew up a carbon dioxide gas reservoir. I’m sorry mother. It was unintentional but still, someone needs to be blamed and I’m afraid that’s going to be me.

Been out of sea for a couple of months and everything is fine. Not that fine, when you visit the land for the first time but I’ve prepared it thanks to the internet. Okay, let’s get back to the topic. Lately, the hurricane and flood is raging across the earth which is mean the atlatian is looking for people like me, people who cross the surface illegally. If you read this letter, that means I’ve been deported and please tell the clerk that I’m sorry.


PS: will update as soon as I got a wi-fi in the cell.