It’s Us: This is Awkward


Sees Daily Prompt: Anticipation

“Okay, so what kind of experience that we would like to tell them?”

“Hmmm… ohh… Do you remember the one we do some field work in the remote area?”

“Yeah, yeah… that was hillarious. Let’s write that one.”

5 minutes later…

“I don’t think they would like that one. They don’t really understand what we’re talking about.”

“You’re right. So what story that we should write then?”

“How about our ruined plan?”

“Which one? You know almost all of our plan was ruined.”

“Let’s see. The one that we ruined it beautifully. Ah… That day when we woke up really really really late.”

“We want to tell them to not to be paranoid… Nice idea.”

10 minutes later…

“I don’t think I’m ready for people to know that kind of our sins yet. I mean, we’re not that kind of good guy but I’m really unprepare for them to know our dark side.”

“Tell them partially then.”

“They won’t get the point, you know.”

“Hmmm… So what should we write? I feel I need to write this time.”

“Let’s write about this time. It’s a prompt afterall. People won’t anticipate this kind of writing, don’t you think.”

“You’re a genious buddy.”

“Indeed, we are genious.”

“Anyway, feel free to drop by. Here’s our first story It’s us #1 and I know that it didn’t make senses but you are free to judge and suggestion is fully welcomed.”

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It’s not the point

“What do you think I should do?” is a kind of question that is the most hard to answer for us. We often stop and ask them back what kind of answer would they expect and they usually answered with “it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? I would like to know your opinion.” We answer and explain it why we would say that, but guess what’s next? They shot down our opinion like ‘Hey, you asked our opinion and there goes my opinion. Why do you think we need to hear out your opinion too.’

The worst part is we debate over opinion which is really really unnecessary. We’re missing the main point. We’re missing the part why do we ask for opinion.

People or my friends actually often ask the wrong question. Sometimes they and us didn’t even know what kind of answer that we’re looking for. Rather than general question, sometimes it’s more appropriate asking opinion about the plan itself or looking out for support or justification though.

Well, actually some of them turns out to be a good discussion. Some of the rest were not really wasted but could be a better discussion if started with a good question.

Do you have the same experience? Don’t be shy and comment below.

Every day

Day and night pass just like that. As we got older, a day become short and shorter. Have you ever wondered what happen with you. Younger version of ourselves didn’t see that we would reach this point too. Yeah, we know that we’re still 21 but still, we didn’t expect we will be a friendly introvert we know that it sounds weird, but we cannot find properer word than this.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic. As we got older, a birthday become more ordinary. As we got older, our expectations got higher unconsciously. As we got older, our life become more complicated. As we got older, we become more skeptical. Have you ever wondered why would that happened.

There’s a lot of things happen each day without our realization affecting our life. No, there’s no one to blame there. It’s a cycle. All we can do is live, enjoy and appreciate all the things happen to our life. We cannot choose things that will happen but we can choose how do we respond to it.

Well, what do you think? Do you agree with our opinion? Please comment below.

Life of an egg


“Hi, my name is Bob. Soon, I will be a chicken egg. The time has come. Prepare yourself cause I’m about to rock your world.” Thought Bob. Bob really excited when he got laid but seconds later, his vision darker and it’s getting warmer. He screams as loud as he could but he didn’t know that he is brooded by his creator or so-called mom. He counting the days until he got a chance to adventure into the world. Some day he see sunrise and sunset and the other day he spent in full darkness. 3 weeks later, he feel unwell. Something’s cracking and then another creature pop out from his body. He is really shocked at the moment and lose his consciousness forever.

In response daily prompt frail

Thanks for dropping by, I’m really craving for some suggestion to improve this post. This is kind of my first flash-fiction story so I hope you like it 😀

That would be better

I should take the other option.

Most of us often think this way, aren’t we, when something unexpectedly going wrong. We said that based on the storyline after we pick an option. Well, it’s not a fully wrong idea. But, what if the outcome will be equal because the story didn’t happen exactly the same.

It’s good to realize something’s going wrong but it’s not good if we cling to our mistakes. Mistakes in the past will be our jokes in the future. But, don’t have too much of it or your life itself will be a joke. Mistakes itself is a real-life experience and it’s usually last longer than some warning from friends or family.

We skipped class once and guess what’s happen. Our teacher discuss problems that will come out on final exam. We don’t really regret though at that time because we believe we will overslept too in the class. TeHe~

Anyway, we’re trying to say we’re human afterall, we often make mistakes. In fact, we love to choose silly action based on irrational judgement or false assumption.

In response to daily prompt: False

Sepenggal pengalaman di Pati

24 Mei 2016, Julivius bersama 6 teman lainnya mendapatkan kesempatan untuk berbaur dengan warga desa Karangsari terlebih dahulu. Mereka bertugas untuk mempersiapkan kedatangan 47 mahasiswa Buddhis lainnya.

Selama 2 hari, mereka mengunjungi warga-warga desa untuk menyebarkan informasi serta menyesuaikan rencana yang telah dibuat sebelumnya dengan kondisi desa Karangsari. Singkat cerita, acara live-in DDB 2016 yang dimulai pada tanggal 26 Mei 2016 dan berakhir pada tanggal 30 Mei 2016 berjalan dengan cukup baik.

Kunjungan yang dilakukan oleh 53 mahasiswa yang tergabung dalam KMB ITB bermaksud untuk memberikan inspirasi serta harapan bagi warga desa untuk tetap berjalan dalam Dhamma. Namun kenyataan berkata lain, ketimbang menginspirasi warga desa, saya sendiri lebih merasa terinspirasi oleh warga desa.

Awalnya tindakan mereka cukup sulit untuk dipahami. Makanan yang cukup banyak malah dikatakan apa adanya. Makanan ringan selalu tersedia. Kehidupan pedesaan yang dikatakan banyak kekurangan walaupun kenyataannya lebih banyak dari yang dimiliki oleh kehidupan rata-rata mahasiswa.

Akan tetapi hal yang mereka lakukan sebenarnya sangatlah wajar mengingat waktu peserta tinggal hanyalah 5 hari. Tentunya tidak banyak dari warga desa yang kerap menerima orang yang belum dikenal untuk menginap di rumah mereka. Kesediaan mereka untuk menyediakan tempat tinggal dan bahkan meminjamkan kendaraan untuk peserta sudah menjadi salah satu bukti kerendahan hati serta kesederhanaan warga desa Karangsari.

Hidup di desa Karangsari juga mengajarkan bahwa tersedianya banyak hiburan seperti di kota tidak menjamin hidup yang bahagia. Hidup di desa Karangsari mengajarkan bagaimana hidup damai serta hidup bersyukur. Hidup di desa Karangsari juga mengajarkan bahwa apa yang kita pikir kita butuhkan belum tentu benar-benar kita butuhkan.

Bersamaan dengan ini, saya ingin berterima kasih kepada seluruh pihak yang telah membantu DDB 2016 khususnya warga desa Karangsari yang telah memberikan kesempatan kepada kami untuk berbuat baik serta kesediannya untuk menerima kunjungan peserta DDB 2016.

Imperfect post

Nobody is perfect, isn’t it? To be honest, what is perfect? Well, according to Mr Google, perfection is the condition, state or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. Now, how come somebody being free from all flaws. Even though there’s a perfect thing out there, do we perceive it as a perfect thing. Well, with our imperfect eyes itself, we won’t see it as a perfect thing, don’t you say.

But on the other side, I still believe that there’s a way to become perfect. To become perfect, you need to be nobody. I’m sorry for the unintended pun. When no one judge you, you could say that you are perfect, right? We need to be more selfless, we need to realize that we are just one out of seven billion people in the world.

“The power of one man doesn’t amount too much. But, with whatever little strength I’m capable of.. I’ll do everything humanly possible to protect the people I love, and in turn they’ll protect the ones they love. It seems like the least we tiny humans can do for each other.” ~Roy Mustang

PS: This is truly a perfect post

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